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Janitorial & Office Cleaning

Clean work spaces are essential. Let us handle that important job.

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Janitorial & Office Cleaning Services

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Office Cleaning

We know how important it is to make a good first impression for your clients. A meticulously trained professional member of our team will ensure every cleaning provides the ideal environment that is not only for your clients but for your productivity as well.

We highly value your time. That is why we are ready to support you on a daily, weekly or biweekly basis that’ll economize time that you could spend focusing and growing in other areas. After having us in your space you’ll immediately feel the difference.The utilization of high quality products, and our Kiro’s Method checklist that is tailored to your exact needs separates us from our competition.

Our current clients benefiting from this service include Attorneys, Architects, Engineers, Dentists, Real Estate, Chiropractors, and Doctors offices.

Janitorial Services

With our janitorial service we will take care of your everyday cleaning duties. The secret is being consistent as we follow our Kiro’s method checklist list. As we do our other services we will customize a cleaning plan that specifically target what’s important for you. Our teams are trained to manage equipment and high quality products efficiently avoiding the risk of cross-contamination and sanitizing every inch of the property. Doing this you will maintain a clean, sanitized, and presentable atmosphere for you, your clients, and your employees at all times. With this service, we will adapt to your business schedule on a daily, weekly or biweekly bases. As a company we strongly value your time, that’s why we can also include all supplies that your property needs in our estimate, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Janitorial cleaning are great for commercial offices, buildings, retail stores, property management, industrial businesses, banks and financial institutions, dealerships, medical, schools and restaurants.

We are qualified and diligent on cleaning and maintenance, and attention to detail. We’re knowledgeable in using the proper chemicals, solvents, and equipment to efficiently and effectively get the job done.

At Kiros Cleaning, here are some of the areas that we specialize in these types of janitorial services:

  • Windows and blinds
  • Carpet and flooring
  • Dusting of all surfaces, and decor
  • Breakroom cleaning
  • Conference room cleaning
  • Entryway and hallway cleaning
  • Office desks and chairs
  • Doors and high touch areas

All of our employees are background checked. Our company is also licensed and insured. This allows you to trust you have someone in your space who values your privacy and security.

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residential cleaning


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Vapor Steam Treatment

One of our favorite services is our Vapor steam treatment by pure green. It covers all surfaces, including walls, beds, couches, tables, closets, cars, desks, doors windows, toys, etc. All without damaging anything, We’ll cover every inch of your home/business to eliminate any possible threat. Sanitizing and killing all bacteria and viruses present at 315 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s an amazing tool to keep your spaces safe and immaculate.

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