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At Kiros Cleaning, we know how important an organized space reflects on your peace of mind. You know the saying: a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. We believe this to be 100% true. We have witnessed, time after time, the power of decluttering and organization does for our clients. Along with stress levels and anxiety being reduced we’ve also had testimonials on the increase in productivity in their lives. Some won’t realize it until you can’t find what you’re looking for, or find out you have bought something you already had. This is costing you time and money.

Our main goal will be to adequately utilize every inch of space we can in an effective manner. This will make you realize the functionality of the space you have at your disposal.

This is all possible because of a method we adopted called the KonMari method. Pioneered by the queen or organization Marie Kondo. Her experience in helping hoarders completely reorganize their lives, she understands how difficult it can be get rid of items that are not necessarily needed.Most of our purchases are influenced by emotion, and often get interpreted as items of sentimental value when we really don’t need them. We are there for you in order to effectively get rid of the unnecessary and make space for the necessary. Then we will also be here to help maintain that moving forward with a FREE list of easy tips to keep it tidy on a daily basis.

Services include rooms, garages, kitchen cabinets, storages, dry storages, closets, drawers, offices, packing/ unpacking by downsizing and rightsizing, decluttering and organizing.

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